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Electromechanically or electronically controlled switches used to control single or multi-phase medium power loads. The device switches between 2 stable positions, each time a (brief) impulse energises its control circuit changing the status.

Mainly used for the switching of lighting and heating equipment and/or to simplify wiring in case the load needs to be controlled at reduced voltage and/or from more than 4 different places.

Electrically operated by energising the coil, manual operation is possible at all times. The switch position is visualised through a flag indicator for the Em-version, or through a LED fo the electronic version. The central command device was developed to switch several devices to the on or off position at the same time, independent of the current status of each individual device - the impulse switch can still be operated locally via the toggle. The safety terminals are equipped with captive Pozidriv screws and have IP20 protection degree. An add-on auxiliary contact, add-on central-command module and a spacer are available. Compact modular DIN rail mounting design.
Teknisk informasjon
Family Impulse switch - PULSAR S+
Rated switching capacity (A) 16A
Contact combination 1NO
Coil voltage (V) 24 Vac
Coil Power: DC/AC factor 0.5:1 (12 Vdc)
Coil Measured current in AC Switched on 11 VA
Coil Measured current in AC Switched off 14.5 VA
Coil Measured current in DC 7.5 W
Max load of Incandescent lamp & fluor lamp 3000 W
Max load illum circ- No parallel capacitor- fluor lamp 3000 VA
Max load illum circ- capacitor parallel to coil- fluor lamp 2500 VA
Max load illum circ- Parallel compens capacitor- fluor lamp 1800 VA
Rated switching cap 250Vac (1P&2P)/400Vac (3P&4P) 16A
Max electr ballast load Rating of the fuse 20A
Number of modules 1
Standard packing 12
Standards CE
IEC 60669-1
Coil Voltage range (in % from Un) 90-110%
Electrical life service Mechanical 2 x 106
Max electr ballast load Max load/phase 20A
Max electr ballast load- Max load at inductive load 30 Vdc 16A
Max electr ballast load Min load/phase at 5V 2 W
Min duration of command impulse (at Un) 0.050 s
Min duration of command impulse (at 90% Un) 0.100 s
Min duration of pause between 2 impulses 0.150 s
Max number of command impulses/minute 250
Rated switching cap Inductive load (at 30Vdc) 16A
Number of mod Drive module 1 mod.
Number of mod With section power contact 2 mod.
Coil Maximum continuous time of coil energisation Unrestricted
Max number of push-buttons Not illum push-buttons Unrestricted
Max number of illum push-buttons with 3 lamps Unrestricted
Max number of illum push-buttons with 2 lamps See technical catalogue
Electrical at full voltage AC-1 4 x 105
Terminal capacity (diameter min/max) 1.5 - 10 mm²
Operating temperature range (min/max) -20°C / +45°C
Weight 0.114 kg

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